Playing Dress Up

Halloween Costumes | That's Pretty Ace

One of the things I truly appreciate about Halloween is the excuse to get dressed up. But on a budget of $0, sometimes you have to get a little creative to put something together. Here are three options I found in my closet that I bet you could find in yours too!  

Kate Middleton Halloween costume | That's Pretty Ace

Oh, Kate. If you really want to take this costume to the next level, add a baby doll in a blue blankie.  

01. Navy cocktail dress 02. Nude patent pumps 03. Diana's sapphire ring (you could do a blue ring pop - cheeky.) 04. A fascinator if you're feeling extra British

Florist Halloween costume | That's Pretty Ace
Jewel Thief Halloween costume | That's Pretty Ace

I was thumbing through a magazine at the hair salon the other day and read about this cute costume tip. Just take your classic black & white stripe shirt, black leggings, and a few statement necklaces and you're an instant retro-cute jewel thief! It would also be fun to do this with a dramatic smoky eye instead of a mask.

01. Classic stripe shirt 02. Jewels 03. Jewels 04. and more Jewels 04. Mask to keep your identity under wraps! 06. Black leggings for sneaking around comfortably.

So what about you? Are you going to be going under cover this year?  

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