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Sushi Costume | That's Pretty Ace

Sushi, anyone? This costume makes me hungry! 

Chris and I spent our Saturday morning making our Halloween costumes - so messy, but so fun. They're not perfect, but they do make a big impact in person! And we have a lot of fun wearing them. 

We saw this DIY on Style Me Pretty and were immediately sold on the idea. We got foam by the yard and black fabric for our seaweed wrapping, large cardboard boxes to cut the circles out of (then covered in printer paper), packing peanuts for the rice, and felt squares to make our inner ingredients. And a lot of hot glue. I do wish we had done more packing peanuts, but they took a long time... On Chris's costume we added small orange balloons around his top to be fish eggs! I also had a "wasabi" headpeace - a green bath pouf hot glued to a black headband. But sadly, it broke the first time I put it on. Oh well! Chris glued soy sauce packets to a baseball cap. 

We are a match made in heaven, you guys.  

Sushi Costume | That's Pretty Ace
Sushi Costume | That's Pretty Ace

We will be sporting these again tomorrow and Friday - good thing they're comfortable! So, what about you? Will you be dressing up for Hallow's Eve tomorrow? 

All images via That's Pretty Ace