Pack It Up

Packing for the Holidays | That's Pretty Ace

I always over-pack. Always. So this year, I'm making a little formula to keep my load light... see if it works for you!  

- Jeans and black leggings.
- Basic staple tops - chambray, (dressy) sweatshirt, striped tee.
- An extremely versatile dress (for impromptu dinners out and looking cute in pictures).
- A statement necklace to add jazz to any outfit.
- A tote that's basic and sophisticated enough to go anywhere (including on the plane).
- A gorgeous coat.
- Scarf for extra warmth... and extra cute factor.
Tank in case anything's a little too sheer (or if I need an extra layer if it's surprisingly cold!). 
- Boots and socks, leopard loafers, and sneakers for chilling. 

So what do you think? Is this the trick?  

Image via That's Pretty Ace