Drink : Farmer's Tan

  All images via  That's Pretty Ace

All images via That's Pretty Ace

This looks like two nice tasty glasses of sweet tea, right? Wrong. 

This might be the easiest cocktail you will ever make. A Farmer's Tan* consists only of two ingredients: sweet tea and vodka.  

Farmer's Tan | That's Pretty Ace

The trick is to not get too crazy with the vodka. Stick to around a 1:3 ratio, and you won't even be able to detect the alcohol - it's dangerously delicious!  

 We used Golden Peak sweet tea and Smirnoff vodka. Nothin' fancy. When we visited The Woodshed a few weeks ago, the bartender told me I needed to taste what she was drinking and whipped me up my own glass. I told Chris not to let me order it, because I would get in trouble! I was pleasantly surprised when I found out this drink was just as easy to make as she said it was. We will be sipping this all through these last days of summer. Yum!

*The Farmer's Tan is also the name of a popular rum cocktail at the Four Seasons Dallas . We can share the name, though, right?

Farmer's Tan | That's Pretty Ace

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