Happy Valentine's Day!

You're a gem. | That's Pretty Ace

Happy Valentine's Day! Isn't it fun that it's on a Friday this year? Chris and I have a tradition of eating homemade breakfast together on Valentine's - it's so nice to start the day slowly with a delicious meal and just spending some time together. I'm excited to leave work a little early and get my hair braided at a Braid Bar (!), then Chris has a surprise planned for tonight! 

And... I got you a little something! Based off of the Valentine's downloads at the beginning of the week, here's a new desktop background and iPhone wallpaper for you...

Desktop Download | That's Pretty Ace
iPhone Download | That's Pretty Ace

These might be my favorite I've done so far! I hope you enjoy them too :) Just click the buttons below to download them. Hope you all have a fun, love-filled day! (And eat some chocolate!)


All images via That's Pretty Ace