The Mr. Got Glasses

Mr. Got Glasses | That's Pretty Ace

...and I'm surprisingly excited about it. I mean, how cute does he look?

I never really thought I was attracted to glasses before (and Chris is certainly handsome all on his own). But now I want to wear mine more! I know glasses are a big trend right now, and I'll be honest in saying that turns me off of them a bit. But the right pair can make you look so intelligent and well-red... and in such a lovely way. What do you think?

And just for fun, here are some other bespectacled cuties... 

Emma Watson in Glasses | That's Pretty Ace

How cute is Emma in her feminine glasses? I love the delicate frames - they suit her petite features so well. 

Bridgitte Bardot in Glasses | That's Pretty Ace

Of course, Brigitte Bardot rocks the cat-eye frames.

Joanna Goddard in Glasses | That's Pretty Ace

Joanna Goddard is totally my favorite glasses girl. She has several different pairs she wears - and she wears them all so well! I think what I also love is that she's a writer... and her parents are British. It seems so fitting to who she is to wear glasses. 

What do you think? Are you in on glasses?