New Brand + Website for God Dots

Bold. It's the one word that I was looking to reflect in the new brand and website for God Dots, and it perfectly captures my experience working with Ann. From our initial design meeting to the logo concepts to the final launch of the new site, boldness has been the common theme throughout this design project. I'm so excited to reveal all of the details to you today!


Ann has been a writer and women's minister for a few years now – and she's incredible at it. Speaking to women is so clearly the call on Anne's life, but even more so, I love her passion to live an authentic life for Christ. When we first met, Anne told me about her story and how, for so much of her life, she has lived in "hiding." She spent so much time trying to be a "cleaned-up" version of herself, when really God could work best in who she truly is. She told me she loves wearing her leather jacket, her speech includes words like "bad-ass," and she sometimes uses Taylor Swift songs to make a point about the Gospel. She's not afraid to be real, and God has been so good to grow that in her. Obviously, Anne's brand needs to reflect Anne – so things got bold. 

With Anne, we worked in a short time frame, and I had an immediate idea of a direction that Anne was immediately on board with (thanks to Anne for trusting me, and huge thanks to God for so obviously putting us together on the same page). We moved her current blog over to Squarespace and got her up and running with a splashy, confident new look. She had gotten great pictures taken of her recently (always a plus, you guys!). These were perfect to work with to get her a cohesive, professional look and feel.

God Dots | That's Pretty Ace

Anne also needed a sassy new business card and a formal bio sheet to send out for speaking engagements. I love the way these turned out and echo the sophisticated, confident style of Anne's blog. 

It was an honor to partner with Anne and to join in her journey as she boldly pursues writing and speaking for the glory of God. You go, girl!  

God Dots | That's Pretty Ace
God Dots | That's Pretty Ace

"That's Pretty Ace is a dream to work with. Brittany brings her creativity, vast knowledge and patient spirit to her work. She is determined to get it right. Working with her was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had because it's like you're working with a close friend. I highly recommend That's Pretty Ace and Brittany Knight for any web, print or other graphic that you need!" - Anne Watson, Speaker and Author of

What do you think of the new God Dots visual identity and website?