Making a decorating game plan

an easy way to decorate - that's pretty ace

I was talking with a friend recently about decorating styles – he and his wife had just moved into their first home, and were ready to make some more permanent furniture purchases. But what if they picked something too trendy? What if it ended up not looking good together? Should they settle on a specific style? I remembered something Chris and I did when we registered for our wedding that helped us a lot... 

Together, we picked out three words to describe our home – welcoming, coastal, and simple. That's how we wanted to feel there, and the mood we wanted to convey for our guests. All items that came in our house didn't necessarily have to be "scandinavian" or "country" or "modern" or any other "theme" – they just needed to fit those words in some way. It didn't always have to be all three, but if it did cover all three words, it was a for-sure winner. Here are a few examples of how this worked out (all of these are actual items in our home!):

an easy way to decorate - that's pretty ace

1. Rug – coastal in pattern (reminds me of Hawaii or someplace exotic!) and welcoming in color and weave. Very cozy. 2. Pillows – coastal in color, simple and soft = welcoming. 3. Floor lamp – simple, simple, simple. Plus, I could see this in a cool beach town. 4. Dresser – coastal in hue, simple in stature. No frills here. 5. Candles – always welcoming, simple (just plain pillars), and just imagine candles in the sand! Instant relaxation vibes. 6. Our bed – reminds us of driftwood, simple in structure, and welcoming in that it's very casual and low to the ground. 

What do you think? Is this helpful? What are your "three words" for your home style?