A simple closet trick

a simple closet trick - that's pretty ace

I'm in the middle of purging our apartment and trying to decide what will come with us to Austin – and a lot of this means evaluating our closet. Since traveling abroad in 2010, I realized how little I truly needed and my wardrobe has gotten increasingly smaller. When I pulled out my spring and summer clothes this year though, I had a lot of trouble evaluating what I was hanging up. Half of it I couldn't remember wearing last year, but I wasn't quite ready to part with it. Enter a grand idea...

a simple closet trick - that's pretty ace

Place your hangers backwards. Each time you wear something, hang it back in the correct way. Then, at the end of the season, you can see what you actually wore. I had read this in a few articles, but had never tried it for myself, thinking it honestly seemed like a hassle We will see how it goes! So far, it's been satisfying seeing what my go-to items are, and realizing the things I wish fit differently (thus, causing me to never actually wear them). I'm thinking by the end of summer, I'll have a pretty good idea of what items are truly important to me and be able to more confidently build my wardrobe from there. Isn't it funny how the simplest things can become your biggest break-throughs? 

Have you ever tried anything like this? What do you do to evaluate your wardrobe?

Top image via Schoolhouse Electric, bottom image via Becoming Minimalist