It takes a village

it takes a village - that's pretty ace

Chris is done with law school. It's a bittersweet thing to say. While I'm thankful for no more insanely large textbooks taking up residence in our house or discussions on the positive and negative aspects of chasing good grades, I'm sad to close this chapter. It means we're starting a new chapter, and it feels as weighty as beginning a whole new book.  

However, instead of stressing over all of that, I want to soak up this moment in time. Like it said on the chalkboard at Chris's party: "3 years of hard work, dedication, and commitment." It's no small feat. And it certainly takes a village.

As Chris and I sat mingled at a reception at his school, I looked around at the room of professors, deans, and judges and heard those words in my head – it takes a village. When we went out for a celebratory dinner with our parents that same night, I heard them again. As people arrived for Chris's party on Friday night, I couldn't help but hear that phrase over and over as new and old friends walked through the door. When we attended graduation on Saturday night and Chris's voice rang out from over the podium as he gave his speech, I looked around and took in those sweet words. It takes a village.

It's so easy to bury yourself under the busy-ness of life and miss how God has intimately woven people into it. People who love you and support you. People who share their wisdom. People who remind you that you're not alone. People you can rely on. People who mess up. People who remind you that people are human. People who refine you. Some are part of your story longer than others, but they're equal players all the same. And when you finally step back to admire the tapestry God is weaving, it can be astonishing. You really never did this life alone. 

I'll leave you with a few words from Chris's valedictorian (!) speech: "In a world that tells us to serve ourselves, we should look to put others' needs ahead of our own. In a world that tells us that winning is everything, we should seek to be humble. We should remember that these honors are not who we are or how we'll be remembered. And we should be ever mindful of the help and support that we've been given in getting to where we are today." Investing in people over investing in success is a wonderful way to live. Love y'all.