Learning to love what you have

learning to love what you have - that's pretty ace

If anyone asked Chris what one thing I could pick in our home to replace, he would know the answer right away: the Big Brown Couch. Don't get me wrong: it's the most comfortable piece of furniture I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and it has more than served us well. Many moons ago, it was a denim-covered couch that came into our lives when my little brother was a newborn. He's now 16. Couch, you're looking good for your age. But every time I walk into our living room, it feels like a giant dark hole to me. Since buying a new couch is out of our budget (and I'd rather buy a couch that fits perfectly in the space of our house someday), here's how I've learned to love it...

  the BBC in our apartment now

the BBC in our apartment now

  the BBC in our first apartment

the BBC in our first apartment


Lighten it up.

There's not a ton you can do to make a huge piece of furniture feel lighter, but throw pillows certainly help. We've continued to keep light colored pillows and blankets on the couch at all times. We could also recover it, but that's a pretty big expense – this style of couch isn't made my the manufacturer anymore, so it would be a fully custom job ($$$!). She's been recovered once before when she changed from denim, so the brown is fine for now. But for some, the price of recovering a couch can be a better deal than buying a new one! 

Make it disappear.

Not literally, but by painting the wall behind the couch a darker color, we're helping it to blend into the room a little better. In both of our apartments we've had so far, we've had one living room wall painted a nice navy with some warm grey undertones. If that wall was white, the BBC would be getting the spotlight in a way that I don't think Chris or I would love too much. 

Make memories.

Thankfully, the couch is the center of our home – when we have friends over, when people come to spend the night, when we're watching GoT in the evenings after work, or reading on weekend mornings. The BBC is constantly in use. While I may wish she wasn't so dark or her age wouldn't show so much, I'm truly thankful for the gift this couch is to our lives. Plus, she's pretty darn comfortable ;) 

What about you? Is there anything in your home that you've learned to love?