Investing (literally) in friendship

Every year since graduating college, my friends and I have set aside money for one thing and I've never regretted it... 

Investing (literally) in friendship - that's pretty ace

An annual friendship trip. We pick a weekend that we have open – Labor Day has been especially popular for us! – and mark it in our calendars as our "friendship weekend." We make a game plan of who wants to road trip and who wants to fly, and we take turns hosting the group. When we graduated from college we all went on a cruise together, and since then, we've held our annual trips at each other's homes or parent's houses.

How to do it: Pick dates that make sense for your group (holidays can be helpful!) and plan accordingly. Use Doodle to set up a poll and have everyone select the dates that work for them. Buying plane tickets as early as possible alleviates sticker shock. Instead of traditional hotel rooms, consider doing home exchanges or renting a vacation house (check websites like VRBO) to significantly cut travel expenses. Want to satisfy your wanderlust on a budget? Groupon even offers group getaway deals. You could head to the beach, out of the country, or even stay at a posh resort nearby for a steal. You could even consider camping with your girls to save a buck and make hilarious memories. 

Is this something you would consider doing? Do you do this already with your friends? What are your go-to tips and tricks?