How to fight the urge to do everything right now

Back in February, I was inspired by Jess Connolly to make a few lists for my week and they've helped me immensely these past few months. I was really struggling to mentally juggle all of my tasks and, because I felt like I needed to get everything-done-right-this-second, I ended up not getting very much done. I shared these in the March newsletter, but wanted to share them with any of you who didn't happen to be signed up then! Seriously, they've been a game-changer in my life. 

how to fight the urge to do everything right now - that's pretty ace

weekly to-do list

I went through a few weeks where I'd get home and feel like I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hoped to that day. So I put this paper to work! I prioritize my tasks for the week and give them each an assigned day. Sometimes I even print out two and write out things that I know can wait until next week, so I'm not stressing about them right now :)

weekly repeats

I use this in conjunction to the weekly to-do list. They're a great team! I was using up so much brain space trying to remember tasks that repeat each week (even Bible study! PRAYER! Y'all. So glad I put those on here). I put all of my repeating tasks into this form, and my brain feels loads lighter. I'm actually getting these tasks done now instead of doing them "whenever I remember."