How to Blog: Part 3

How to Blog, Part 3 - that's pretty ace

Hi, friends! If you've been following along so far, you learned how to set up a Squarespace site, get a custom domain name, attach that domain to your site, and begin editing the design. Today we'll walk through the steps of actually writing a blog post in Squarespace. Let's roll!

Making your blog your home page

In the last post, we added a blog page. Just to refresh – In the home menu of your site, click Pages and select the + icon next to Main Navigation. Select Blog from the New Page menu. Hover over the new blog page in your sidebar, and click the gear icon to configure your blog settings. 

A pop-up window will appear. It's here that you can change your blog's basic settings – like the navigation title, page title, and number of posts you want to display at a time. You can also create a password for the page (if you want your blog to be private), change the URL of the blog, or set it as your homepage. It's as simple as clicking a box! 

Creating a blog post

Click the Blog page in your navigation list. Choose the + icon in the upper righthand corner to create a new post, and the blog post editor will appear! This is where you will write your post.

It's in this window that you can add a post title and your post's content, choose categories and tags, and schedule, save, or publish your post.

Content is added to your post by using Squarespace blocks, just like in the Squarespace pages themselves. To add content like text and images, you just click an insert point (it looks like a black balloon or teardrop shape) around any existing block. Just hover your mouse over the blank area and you'll begin to see your options!

In the bottom section, you can add categories and tags to organize your blog by topic. Squarespace has a lot of helpful tips about tags and categories here. We'll talk more later about many of the creative ways you can implement these categories and tags to best benefit your readers. You also have the option to save the post as a draft, publish the post, or schedule the post to schedule later.

The Options tab in the upper righthand corner allows you to add thumbnail images for indexed views and social media shares. More on adding and using thumbnail images can be found on the Squarespace Help page here

Before you hit publish...

One of the things I love most about blogging with Squarespace is that I can make blog post edits while I'm in preview mode. To see what a blog post draft will look like once it's published, simply click on the draft in the sidebar. To make edits in preview mode, hover over the content and click Edit in the menu that appears. From there you can make edits to the title and text, and you can also add new blocks. If you want to get back to the full blog post editor, click Settings in the upper righthand corner. This will open up that pop-up window in the same format as when you first created the post.

Have questions? Need help troubleshooting? Feel free to shoot me an email! 

And check back next Monday for How to Blog, Part 4 – we'll talk about that sidebar you've got and what to do with it. Happy Monday, friends!