My favorite puppy products

Our sweet friends are getting a puppy soon (hooray!) and they asked me what our favorite things are that we've gotten for Penny. I sent them a list of a few things, and remembered how much we've bought in the seven months we've had Penny that ended up never getting used. Having a beagle-schnauzer (hound/terrier) mix can be tricky! These may not all apply to your pup, but they've been tried-and-true in our household... their our go-to's! 

Our favorite puppy products - that's pretty ace

1. For collars, we got ours from Up Country – they have durable collars which also happen to be insanely cute. It's hard for me not to buy two more... or ten.

2. As far as treats go, Penny loves her Kong. I know she's not the only pup out there who does! You don't have to use the Kong treats for stuffing – Penny's favorite is peanut butter, but this site is one of many that details several concoctions to stuff your pup's Kong with. It's a "special occasion" treat in our house because it's so indulgent. We toss it in the dishwasher to clean it.

3. We've found the best deals for pet meds on Amazon. Having Prime gets us free two-day shipping, which is great when your pup needs more of something quick!

4. When we visited Austin this summer, we took advantage of DogVacay to get a sitter. We loved the service and I was especially impressed with their app. We heart Stacey!

5. For whatever reason, so many dogs I know are obsessed with this loofa toy. Penny isn't that into toys, but this is one she will happily fetch and munch on. I think it's something about the stuffing.

6. We've had great success with Earthbath's all natural shampoo on Penny's skin. She doesn't shed, so dirt and grime builds up easily and irritates her skin. She's also had a run-in with fleas and this (plus proper medicine) has really helped her out.

7. Lastly, we purchased the Kurgo Quantum leash specifically for running, but it has so many impressive features. It can be used six ways, including to walk multiple dogs.

I haven't been asked to (or paid to) talk about any of these items – they're all things that we love and use regularly in our home and I pray they're useful to you and your pup as well :)