New Brand Design for Vegan Me Happy

Today, I'm digging into the archives to give you a behind-the-scenes look at some creative problem solving! Hellen reached out to me last year for a logo and brand for her business venture, Vegan Me Happy. The hand lettering, bright color palette, and clean icons make this project one of my favorites to date, and I'm excited to walk you through the design process!

vegan me happy branding - that's pretty ace

1  |  Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are my starting place for every design project. Not only are they helpful to refer back to and gain ideas from throughout the entire process, they're helpful for making sure my client and I are on the same page visually.

In the kick-off call, Hellen used the words simple, fresh, and colorful to describe Vegan Me Happy (she even shared her favorite colors in her closet to help me visualize!). She also did a great job of pulling together inspirational images in a secret Pinterest board to give me a good idea of the colors and aesthetic she's normally drawn to.

On the first day of the design process, I pulled photos from her inspiration board and added some of my own to develop a color scheme. To keep it fresh, light, and creative, I chose a bright color palette with a variety of delicious colors: lime, hot pink, turquoise and bold black and white. 

I also focused on the content within the images. I wanted to reflect Hellen's fun nature, nod to her California locale, and her adoration of yummy fruits. 

2  |  Logo concepts

Once I received Hellen's stamp of approval on the inspiration board, I moved onto sketching out some logo ideas. After testing out a variety of layout options, I moved to the computer and came up with three ideas I felt could fit to Hellen's aesthetic.

Hellen and I both agreed that we loved the hand-lettering in option 3. After seeing these initial options, Hellen also realized she really wanted an icon – an image that went with her logo that she could separate from the text and use on it's own to symbolize her business. I came back with two revised options and secondary imagery to go with them...

I loved how these turned out! Hellen instantly knew option 2 with secondary logo B were for her. 

3  |  Brand Elements

After the logo was finalized, I began to bring in other brand elements like fonts, icons, colors, patterns, and alternative logos to create her Brand Elements sheet...


I was excited to use Hellen's new icon throughout the design elements and even used it to make some fun patterns. I'm thrilled with how it all turned out!

And I would love to know: Which part of the design process is your favorite? What is your favorite aspect of Vegan Me Happy's new brand?