new brand + website for bristol lane

My favorite things about the branding process is getting to work intimately with women making their dream business a reality. Sometimes, this happens right at the beginning of their business—when they're even a little afraid to call it that because it's been a dream for so long! Other times though, a client who's been in her business for awhile reaches out to me, looking to refresh. This is just as exciting... they've gained a better idea of the clients they're trying to appeal to, the items they need to have designed, and the overall visual identity they're looking to achieve through their brand and website.

So when Meredith of Bristol Lane approached me for design work, I was thrilled. Meredith's previous brand and website weren't cohesive with the quality and style of her work now that she has a few years of business under her belt. So we spent the next few months partnering together to create something that was authentic to where she is in her floral design. And let me tell you... this girl is insanely good with flowers. I kind of think she has a sixth floral-sense. Like, my eyes are little hearts looking at her work all the time! But I digress. 

The final product is one that I'm thrilled to share with you—as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together!

Bristol Lane - Brand Elements

Before the design process began, I asked Meredith to meet with me to gain a better understanding of what she wanted to portray through her new brand and website.

I asked her to create a pinboard and walk me through pieces of it that were important for her to have portrayed in the mood and tone of her branding. The images that stood out were: Sarah Jessica Parker, high fashion, high quality, and artistic. The catch was that she wanted the photos of her work to have the center stage, so much so that the design of the branding almost faded away. We came to the conclusion that the branding needed be like the perfect frame chosen for a masterpiece in an art gallery — something you don't notice right away, but you would definitely have noticed it if it was the wrong choice! Something incredibly complimentary to the variety of work she's created.

So how do you take these goals and translate them visually into a brand and website?

Bristol Lane - Logo by Script Merchant

Meredith came to me with a new logo she wanted to use. She had contacted Katherine Ross of Script Merchant to calligraph a beautiful new logo for Bristol Lane. It was stunning, and exactly the focal point needed for our project! From there, I could take the elements Meredith was looking for and begin piecing them together to create an overall style. 

I started with Meredith's pinboard and images of her work, gathering images and pairing colors to create a "feel" and an aesthetic to work from throughout the entire project. 

Bristol Lane - Business Card Design

We started teasing out some ideas, and the color palette of the photos blended in perfectly with those objectives listed above. We knew immediately we wanted to rely heavily on black and white elements (and not grey). We also wanted clean, thin lines throughout, and we both loved the idea of a diamond shape element to throw in as well. The hardest decision was finding a color "pop" we could use throughout. We settled on a dusty periwinkle blue that was just edgy and high-fashion enough for Meredith's taste while still being soft enough to feel bridal. Funnily enough, Pantone released their colors of the year last week, and Serenity is eerily similar to what we chose! Apparently, we were ahead of the trend!  

Bristol Lane - Floral Tags and Welcome Packet

I began using all of the brand elements we chose to create the pieces Meredith was looking for: business cards, notecards, envelopes with a custom liner, a welcome packet, tags to add to her bouquets, and most importantly, her gorgeous website...!

Bristol Lane - Website

I especially loved how her letterpress notecards, custom lined envelopes, and square business cards turned out. I can't wait for her clients to receive these beauties! 

Bristol Lane - Notecards, Envelopes, and Business Cards
Bristol Lane - Letterpress Notecards and Custom Liner

It was such a pleasure serving Meredith and getting to know her. We started her project just a few days after I moved to Austin and it's been so sweet not only creating her brand together, but also forming a friendship. Thank you, Meredith — I'm honored to add this project to the That's Pretty Ace portfolio! 

"After two years of business, Bristol Lane needed a new look. As the business had grown, so had its clients, outreach, and voice. It was important to me that this fresh update feel creative and high-end – a reflection of our work. Brittany was the absolute best choice for the job. She worked hard to understand my business and ideas for the brand, all the while bringing her own unique thoughts, expertise, and encouragement to the table. Brittany never wavered in her patience, kindness, and hard-work. Every element Brittany delivered was packed with obvious effort and heart. I never felt like I was getting anything less than her best. What a gift! Brittany transformed Bristol Lane's look into something I could not be more proud of; something that feels fresh, artistic, and beautiful. Bringing Brittany on board is by far one of the best decisions I have made. I am immeasurably thankful for her talent, the way she guided the branding process, and now for her friendship. 

I can not recommend Brittany to enough people or speak highly enough of her. If you are wanting to launch a new product, need design help, or want to update your look, you could not be in better hands than That's Pretty Ace!" – Meredith of Bristol Lane

What do you think of the new Bristol Lane branding and website?