logo for senior living technology solutions

Senior Living Technology Solutions - Logo

Last fall, I had the honor of working with someone very dear to me – my dad! He and a few business partners had an incredible idea and were looking to put a logo along with the name. Senior Living Technology Solutions is a "one-stop shop" for any technology needed for senior living residences. The current technology used by many of these residences is provided by many different vendors, making it complicated to not only get set up, but also to maintain. SLTS would vastly simplify matters by becoming the only number they would ever need to call. I loved this vision and was thrilled to get started on their project. 

I was incredibly inspired by retro tech designs, something friendly and approachable while remaining a timeless air. I sent five options over to their team, with an explanation of the strengths of each one. 

The team met and discussed the options, and ultimately landed on option three! I provided a horizontal version of the logo, and an idea of what this choice could look like across many assets. 

Senior Living Technology Solutions - Logo

I'm really pleased with how the logo turned out and excited for the future of SLTS!