How to Successfully Launch Your New Brand

The time has come! Your new brand is complete and your website is ready to go. You're so excited to reveal it with the world... but how? Is there a "right" way to do this whole launching thing? Yes and no. 

All of my clients find themselves in this particular situation at the end of our time together. In the past, I've sent them a few articles and typed up some ideas of how they could launch in a way that's appropriate for their business and audience. Today, I'm sharing it with all of you here on the blog! 

1. Think about your business and audience.

Who have been your favorite clients? Or if you're working towards a new direction, what does that dream client look like? Think of them and what they would be looking for from you. What interests them? Where do they spend their social media time – is it Instagram? Facebook? Snapchat? Maybe you have different audiences on all three of these platforms. And, just as importantly, think of how you love to communicate about your brand. This is certainly a chance to step outside of your comfort zone, but do it in a way that is true to who you are. My favorite way to solve this question? Think of how you'd tell your best friend about your new brand. Write it down as if you were sitting at coffee with her. Then carry this phrasing into the next step...

2. Make a social media game plan to communicate authentically about your business. 

Print out or roughly sketch out a calendar for yourself. I'll go into ideas of content in the next few steps, but a hugely important component of this is to make a plan of what days and times you are going to post so that you have a plan to stick to! Otherwise – if you're like myself and the majority of people – you likely won't follow through with it at all. (Bonus points if you create the content and schedule it in advance! Done and done.)

3. You could... start a countdown. 

Not only holding you accountable to a certain day, countdowns build a lot of fun anticipation for your audience and serve as a great reminder that something fun is coming. Fun places to implement this are in your blog sidebar, on your site's homepage, and/or on your social media platforms. 

4. You could... encourage your community to share.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get the word out in a reliable way. Have you seen how many people talk up great new books about to release on Instagram? Usually those authors (and their publishers) will send out the books early to a select group to give them a sneak peek and have them build buzz with you.

Consider how this could work for your brand – perhaps putting together a dozen gift packages with your new business cards and a few other thoughtful items that reflect your new look could be the perfect mailer to get excitement going among people in your industry. And be brave! It doesn't hurt to ask them to share about your launch on social media on a certain date. In fact, you might be surprised at how willing they are to join in on the excitement! There are so many ways you could get creative with this, and it's always fun getting your community rallied around your passions.

5. You could... share sneak peeks.

How often do you click on a link to see behind-the-scenes of your favorite brands? Invite your followers behind your new launch by sharing sneak peeks on your blog and social media platforms. Not only does this build anticipation, but it also makes your business more personable – and in turn, trustworthy.

6. You could... create a relevant giveaway.

Giveaways are a great opportunity to get your followers involved with your launch by their sharing and providing feedback. When you give away items relevant to your business and attractive to your followers, you have the ability to expand your reach by requiring them to share the launch. You could run the giveaway before your launch or on the day of – either way, you're building your audience!

7. You could... blog about it.

If you have a blog, use it to your advantage! You can share about the process of getting to your new brand, explain its benefits, and plant seeds about the launch long before you release more details. 

8. You could... set up a cover page.

Sometimes when launching a new brand, cover pages can be helpful for building anticipation while you’re making final adjustments and getting things all set up. They can also give your audience a sneak peek of what’s to come and point them to follow your social media accounts and sign up for your newsletter. 

A month before I launched, I set up an inviting, visually-appealing cover page that explained what the site was going to be, announced when it would be launching, and encouraged visitors to follow via social media and the newsletter. This was a great way to get people following along early so they started getting blog posts in their inbox from day one! (Squarespace makes setting up these covers pages incredibly simple to do, and they have a variety of amazing templates to choose from!)

9. You could... create a video.

Videos are an unexpected and exciting way to create buzz around your launch in a way that's both inviting and high quality. To announce your new brand, a video could explain your new branding in further detail, offer a behind-the-scenes reel, or simply announce your new brand in a fun, unique way. 

10. Launch on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. 

By launching in the middle of the week, you have plenty of time to remind your audience about your new brand earlier in the week while still having a few days to keep the excitement going at the end of the week. This could vary based on your industry and your audience, but for the most part, this is best for most creative entrepreneurs and bloggers! 

Lastly... Forget perfection.

You may be feeling a little bit hesitant to launch just yet. What if this wording isn't exactly right? Should I get a few more opinions? Shouldn't I do a huge giveaway leading up to launch day? You certainly could. It's often tempting to wait, and when you do, what usually happens is that you end up waiting – and waiting. You forget what made you so excited about your new brand in the first place. Go ahead and launch. Share your excitement! Your business is always a work in progress, and giving yourself grace is one of the best things you can do as a business owner. There is no perfect launch process. Be true to you, and share what you have to show the world!

These tips don't just apply to new brands... they're great brainstorming points for launching anything new! New products, e-books, classes, workshops, retreats, services, you name it – using these ideas creatively can be a fun, unique way to engage and grow your audience and really make that launch day the party it is. 

And if it's not a new brand that you're launching... brand your launch!

Want help branding that exciting new retreat you're putting together? Looking for inviting, attention-grabbing images and cover art for that e-book you've been working on? Want to announce the new service your offering in a way that's beautiful and informative? Let me know!

TPA Brand Photo by Jessica Scott