Why Brand Photos are Important

If you've been around the site at all lately, you'll have noticed some gorgeous new photos! I had the pleasure of working with the very talented Jessica Scott on my updated brand images and I can't speak highly enough of her.

Jessica is truly an artist and craftswoman. She is interested in capturing so much more than just a pretty picture, and I can confidently say she expressed my true self and my brand authentically!

So, why the new pictures? I'm glad you asked...

1. Brand photos are professional. 

Do you want your customers to take you seriously? Brand photos add a level of professionalism from the moment they lay eyes on your website or social media. Whether you realize it or not, the images you're posting are visually setting expectations with your audience. Quality brand photos reflect consistency and intentionality, which are important aspects to reflect when your customer is thinking of hiring you! Images that vary in style and are poor in quality could be unintentionally sending out the wrong message that you're careless and unprofessional. A great way to easily demonstrate professionalism and intention is by striving for cohesive photos in everything you post.

2. Brand photos are recognizable.

A strong brand can share photos without including any other brand elements and still be recognized by their audience... how crazy is that? That's the goal that you should be shooting for as you're developing and refining the visual identity of your blog or business. For example, do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed and immediately identify an image with a particular person or business that you follow? It's probably because they're consistent in their images. That's what you should be aiming for with every photo you share. 

A very important tip when it comes to branding your photos: Stock images can be confusing for your audience because they lack recognizability. Instead of connecting your audience with your individual blog/business, stock images point back to several different businesses who are also using that image. While they can seem appealing when you're struggling to create images or you're just getting started in your business, they can end up hurting your brand in the long run. It's important to share photos that are original to you. 

3. Hire a professional.

When I started That's Pretty Ace two and a half years ago, I knew that I didn't have the funds to have high-quality photos taken of myself, so I used a few wonderful images from our engagement session with my friend, Lauren Kinsey. While those worked well and were beautiful, they never truly represented what I do and the atmosphere I provide to my clients. Working with Jessica was a wonderful experience. I told her that my consistent positive feedback from clients is that I make the process simpler than they imagined it would be, and that the process was smooth, friendly, and incredibly intentional. After a day of photo shoots in a loaned apartment space (another benefit of hiring a professional!), I had 50+ beautiful, cohesive images that I can now use for not only my site, but also social media, and blog posts that reflect the experience I provide to all of my clients. This is just a small sampling of what I got back:

If you have the funds, working with a professional photographer for streamlined photos is a great investment. And if you don't have the funds, get creative! Network with photographers and exchange services. I had attempted to set aside TPA funds for two years to have new pictures taken. When Jessica reached out to me about a design project, I asked her if she would be interested in trading services. When she said yes (hooray!), I asked her what the value was of the type of shoot I was interested in, and was thrilled to be able to do a fair trade with her. It never hurts to ask! 

Another quick and final note: When working with a photographer, try to be intentional with the colors you choose for your props, spaces, and clothing - make sure that the are consistent with the colors and style of your current brand. It's also important that the photographer's style matches your brand's aesthetic or the photos might seem out of place. For example, Jessica's style is very emotive and light, which goes perfectly with the personality and cleanliness of the That's Pretty Ace brand. 

Now that we've covered the basics of branding your photos, you might be wondering how to create and streamline your blog or business brand as a whole to attract the customers you're looking for. I can help you with that very thing! You can reach out to me and get started by clicking the link below.