Why You Need a Brand

Since getting started in graphic design eight years ago, I've tried my hand at many different avenues of design. In school, I got to try my hand at packaging design, advertising, web design, and many other types of artistry but I was always drawn to brand design. 

There was something special about taking a person's vision and making it come to life through cohesive fonts, colors, graphics, illustrations, and patterns all working together in different ways. It was like a personality test, organization challenge, and puzzle all in one. It was (and still is) totally my jam.

But I never understood just how valuable brand design was until I started That's Pretty Ace three years ago. While blogging, marketing, social media, and quality service have contributed to my business growth, much of it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn't had a strong, recognizable brand. 

There are so many benefits to putting in the time, energy, and resources to have a streamlined brand. This post will walk you through just a few of those benefits to help you get a better idea of the impact a cohesive, well-designed brand can have on your business.

1. accurate first impressions

Unfortunately, you can't always control when someone will "meet" your business for the first time. Whether it's through social media or seeing your logo in a vendor list, anything that you're putting out is sending a message to your audience – and it may or may not be their first impression. 

In business, first impressions are crucial. They can make or break a sale, encourage or discourage engagement, and build or destroy trust. And that’s why branding your business is a major priority.

Branding is "the art of accurately portraying the right message to a business’s potential clients and customers and making a lasting, positive first impression." A cohesive, well-designed brand communicates an accurate message about your business right from the start. 

2. Professionalism

Everyone loves a good design – whether they know it or not! It's the reason we gravitate towards certain brands or choose to walk into a store (and definitely part of why we choose to come back). You can tell so much about a company just by looking at their logo. 

Even if you’re just starting out, a well-designed brand can make it look as if you’ve been in business for years. A cohesive brand communicates that you're professional, resulting in clients that respect you and take you seriously. It also shows that you pay attention to detail and are serious about your business, which leads me to the next advantage of a streamlined brand...

3. Trust

This might be the most important item on this list! Trust is insanely important to making sales, booking clients, and/or growing a loyal, engaged audience. 

Obviously, there are many ways to build trust between you and your potential clients, but branding is one of the quickest and most effective. 

When a business has put thought and intention into every detail of their business, it doesn't go unnoticed. When people see that your logo, social media accounts, website, business cards, and packaging are cohesive and quality, they assume that what you offer them will be, too. 

4. Recognizability

A strong brand is recognizable even when the logo isn’t in front of you. It’s identifiable by its visual elements (such as logo, colors, fonts, and patterns) and its non-visual elements (the word usage, and tone used). 

You want others to recognize when your images come up on social media or when they see one of your products being used by someone. Each piece of your brand helps your followers identify your business.

5. Memorability

Many of us are visual learners – and even those of us who aren't, visual cues are still incredibly helpful. A cohesive, well-designed brand gives your audience a visual of your business and helps them to store that image in their brain and remember it. 

I could tell you all about Feast & Dwell – how it's run by a great photographer, Jessica Scott, how she chronicles her favorite recipes she's found since going gluten and dairy-free, how her home and food photos are like pure eye candy. And while that’s all true, seeing and experiencing the brand puts a name with a face and makes it that much more memorable.

Once you see a brand, it’s much easier to remember the business behind it, especially if the designer behind the brand has incorporated some elements that set it apart from other brands in the industry. 

And that’s where the next benefit comes in...

6. Differentiation

There are so many businesses within creative fields that it can be hard to tell them apart and differentiate them from each other. 

A strong brand has the ability to set your business apart and differentiate it from everything else that’s already out there. A strong brand takes out the competition factor because people remember you. 

7. Efficiency

On a more practical level, when you’ve thoughtfully considered every element of your brand you suddenly become more efficient.

You don’t have to spend as much time figuring out what a newsletter should look like, because a “design system” has already been created. The fonts, colors, and details have already been thought through and decided upon.

It isn’t difficult to decide on a profile picture for your Facebook page, because a logo variation or photo has already been created that matches well with the rest of your brand. 

A streamlined, cohesive brand saves you time (and stress) in the long run and gets all the hard work out of the way so that you can be more efficient with your time and resources. 

8. Identity

The way you dress, the words you use, your behavior, your habits - all of those things reflect your personal identity. They're things that people remember about you and create an impression for them to recall. In the same way, your brand’s colors, fonts, design, terminology, and tone reflect your business.

Your brand gives your business life! It gives it character and an identity. It gives your audience something to relate to, whether your brand is "casual and friendly" or "modern and sophisticated." 

Branding is far more than just a logo; it’s what your visitors experience. A cohesive, well-designed brand can differentiate your business from competitors, build trust with your audience, and give them the right first impression. It can lead to more sales and bookings, create recognition, and increase engagement. The benefits are infinite.

Although many business owners recognize the importance of a cohesive, high-quality brand, they don’t always know how to create one.

And that’s where That's Pretty Ace comes in.

The Brand and Website Package is a great solution for those who are hoping to start a brand from the ground up, rebrand, or refine their current brand. In 6 weeks, you could walk away with a fresh, updated brand that more accurately represents your vision and what you have to offer your clients. Want more details? See what's included here. I'm looking forward to meeting you!