Brand Growth for Stewarding Life Wellness

About a month ago, a dear client of mine from last year reached out to me. I was so thrilled to hear that the dream they had been working on for so long was finally happening – they were opening up shop! 

Lillie and her husband, Jake, have a passion for helping people "take control of their health through a functional approach to hormone imbalances, weight issues, energy deficits, and digestive disturbances." They had gotten a space in a historic part of town and were looking to update a few things to go with the shop. I got to work right away!

First up, Lillie and Jake needed to add the word "wellness" underneath their logo. This would better explain upfront what they offer to their clients, and is what they were looking to use for their official business name. 

From there, I created an additional sublogo for them to use...

And a handy flyer for them to hand out to guests. 

And lastly, Jake and Lillie needed email signatures and business cards, so we put those together. 

Just look how cute their new place is! Lillie had signage made for their new office and I just love how everything is coming together for them. She has great taste, am I right?

It is always a joy to work with Lillie and Jake, learn about their goals for Stewarding Life Wellness, and build new pieces to compliment it all. I couldn't be happier with the final product!