New Brand + Website for Feast & Dwell

I've been dying to share this one with you guys since the day we got started... and now Feast & Dwell is finally live!

Jessica reached out to me with a vision she had been brewing in her heart for several years. She was looking to start a food and home decor blog – something incredibly personal to her, and something she had been longing to share. I immediately began thinking through design elements of her blog that would look just like her!

Jessica is midcentury modern with a healthy dose of Austin quirk thrown in. A self-professed tomboy, Jess's style is very easy-going and has an air of masculinity (think Madewell). Her husband, Will, loves all things old fashioned and classy – from a great glass of whiskey, to his well-groomed beard – and you can see how his sophisticated style plays into what Jess is attracted to as well. She shared her Pinterest board of inspiration with me and I began putting together a few logo options based on what she had gathered...

Jessica was immediately drawn to the second option, and from there I created a Brand Elements sheet that would flesh out the overall look and feel of her brand. The best part? When I sent it to her, I received an elated, all-caps email saying it was perfect and she wouldn't change a thing! 

With the Brand Elements sheet finalized, I got busy working on the Feast & Dwell website. Jess needed something simple – a main blog page with a jazzy sidebar, an about page, and a contact page. I also had her nav link to her Photography website, so that visitors could get to know Jess even better (and be able to book her for shoots!). Jess has a large following from her photography business, and I also felt that having this link in the nav would help those followers be able to track that Jess now both blogs and takes gorgeous pictures. 

Overall, we wanted the blog page not to distract from the incredible photography that Jess was going to create for her posts, so we kept to a minimal, black and white palette and brought the interest in with unique design elements and typography. 

Jess and I are both on cloud nine over the finalized brand and website. Go check it out! Jess is personally gluten and dairy free, and she has great recipes for fellow GF/DF friends. You can also follow along with her new blogging adventure via Facebook and Instagram as well. I loved working with Jess and know you will love her, too!

"Feast & Dwell is a personal project that's so near and dear to my heart, so I knew that I wanted someone I trusted to do all of the branding for me. Brittany was the first person to come to mind, and I'm so thrilled that she put this all together for me. Being a creative, my mind can get lost in all of the ideas I have, and Brittany saw my inspiration board and immediately knew the direction I wanted/should go. The day she sent me logo options, I think I probably squealed (which doesn't happen often if you know me) with excitement. Brittany captured my vision and aesthetic so perfectly. She went on to design my blog, and when I got the final product, I could not have imagined anything better than what she had created. 

Branding is such a daunting task, and Brittany made it so fun and easy. She worked hard, completed everything in record time, and made everything absolutely perfect and beautiful. And not only that, Brittany takes the time to know you and who you are (which I think is so important). I felt loved and cared for when working with her. She is a true treasure." - Jessica Scott, Feast & Dwell