New Brand + Website for Jessica Shae Photography

Things have been a little busy around here! I've booked over 20 projects so far for 2016 and it feels like this year has flown by quicker than any before. 

With little turnover time between clients projects, plus planning our upcoming move from Austin to Jackson, Mississippi, I have a few fun brands that haven't made an appearance on the blog quite yet.

So if you enjoy Elle & Company client project reveal days, you're in for a treat... I have 2 new brands and websites to share with you (along with a little snippet of the process behind each one)! You'll get to see one today and the other next week.

Jessica Shae Photography

Jessica heard of me through her friend Lillie, who I'd worked with on several projects, most recently Stewarding Life Wellness. Jessica has been in the wedding photography industry for several years and was looking to make her brand better reflect who she is and what she offers to her clients. It's so much fun meeting with clients at this point in their business adventure – they've been in their business long enough to begin to see it take shape and see what is working and what isn't. They're ready to solidify their mission! 

Jessica is a hard-core literary lover and it made my heart happy when she sent me a Word document completely filled with quotes she loves. I'm pretty sure that at one point she told me "Anne of Green Gables is my spirit animal" and I immediately knew we were going to have fun! Jessica loves anything floral and has a deep appreciation for vintage antiques. She sent me over a logo that she had been working on previously and wanted to take things to the next level. So this is what I sent her...


Options 1 and 2 included the silhouette and lettering of the logo she provided, but we were both immediately drawn to option 4. After discussing the options a bit further, Jessica decided she wanted to see organic calligraphy and a revised color palette for option 4. Which led us to her final logo...!

All the heart eyes, right? I spent so many hours re-working the flowers in her "bouquet" to be something sweetly feminine and full, but still compliment (and not overwhelm!) the silhouette shape. So much researching botanical prints and trimming them out! I'll admit... I truly relished the work. We made up a one-color option too, for whenever that need may arise.

And then we moved on to her Brand Elements sheet. I combined literary type with vintage-style elements and leaned heavily on our floral bouquet. 

Jessica opted not to do the four collateral pieces included in my standard package, so we moved right along to her website at this point. I included typography with a literary nod, beautiful calligraphy, and gave Jessica some sophistication with the navy and grey palette. Screenshots really do not do it justice and you must go see it for yourself! (And maybe schedule a session with Jessica while you're at it...!)

So tell me – what do you think of Jessica's new brand and website? We're so thrilled with how everything turned out, but feedback from you is always welcome and appreciated. Can't wait to show you next week's finished project... she's a stunner!