New Website for Wondrous Whimsy

Back-to-back posts of client launches? It's like Christmas around here! 

My client process has been keeping me busy, and I'm excited to not only give you a look at the finished website for one of my latest clients, Wondrous Whimsy, but also share a behind-the-scenes look at how I created it. 

I met Samantha during our freshman year of college – both art majors, we sat down next to each other in 2D Design class and hit it off right away. We ended up spending a summer studying abroad together and even lived as roommates for two years! After college, Samantha headed back to her hometown of Austin, Texas and I started my first job in Dallas and life took us our separate ways for a bit. But God has a funny way of reconnecting people at the perfect time :)

Shortly after my move to Austin last year, we grabbed coffee and I had a chance to hear all about Samantha's amazing calligraphy business... and the new and very special service she was looking to offer. She explained that the fully custom suites aren't what works best for every bride –it's very in-depth and it can be overwhelming, especially for brides who aren't looking to be involved in every detail of the design process. So Samantha put together five ready-made collections, available to be customized and ordered directly from her site. These collections are a great (and affordable!) option for brides wanting Samantha's style and quality of work without the custom design process. 

There was one snag... Samantha had been trying to figure out how to add commerce to her Squarespace site to accommodate her collections' needs, but she was having trouble figuring out how to best go about it. I was thrilled to jump on board and lend her a hand.

We started out by sitting down and talking through the design process for the ready-made collection. We worked through not just how we wanted the process to work for Sam, business-wise, but also how we wanted her customers to feel as they moved through the site. Sam had so many wonderful ideas to add – options to order samples, explanations of how to choose printing and paper types, and the ability to add on fun details, like wax seal stamps and envelopes with Samantha's gorgeous calligraphy addressing. 

What we ended up with was a site that not only functions as needed, but also functions beautifully. Samantha pulled in Ellen Westscott of Westscott Weddings and Jess of Jessica Scott Photography to style and shoot her new collections – and the images are stunning. I can't even! Truly, a good site will get you far, but adding in those high-quality, branded images takes things to the next level in the best way. 

I'm so thrilled with how the site turned out, and even more thrilled that Samantha is in love with the outcome, too. Screenshots don't do the site justice, so head over and check it out... and maybe get lost in Samantha's gorgeous artwork!