My Biggest News Yet

My friends, if you haven't heard from Instagram or Facebook just yet, I am excited to share that Chris and I are expecting our first child! She (yes, she!) is a very welcome gift and we are absolutely over the moon. I'm three months along, and my belly is slowly but surely expanding. Our baby girl is growing fast and furiously and is currently about the size of an orange! We are incredibly honored to be mom and dad to this little girl. Her name will be Grace Lynn Knight and are prayerfully looking forward to all that God has planned for her life.

On that note, I will be taking maternity leave following the upcoming holiday season. Grace is due on January 4th of next year, so I will be closing the office as usual from mid December to New Year's and adding the month of January to that time off. I plan to slowly ease back into client projects in February – and I'm already so excited to do so, because I love you guys dearly!

If you are interested in using That's Pretty Ace for your design needs in the coming month, I am looking forward to hearing from you! I am already praying over you and your businesses, and I'm excited to see what the rest of this year and 2017 have in store for us. xo