New Brand + Website for Matt & Julie Weddings

Oh my goodness, y'all... I am so excited to introduce to you the new brand and website for Matt & Julie Weddings

A few months ago, I heard from an adorable couple who are wedding photographers in Fort Worth, Texas. Matt and Julie have been in the business for several years, and they were ready to upgrade their branding to something that would more accurately match who they were the quality of services that they offer. I was excited to get started!

In our kick-off call, Matt and Julie shared that their current website was failing at some core features – inquiries weren't making it to their inbox (YIKES), the galleries were incredibly difficult to update, and the photos were way too small to display their quality and skills. I was really thrilled to get to chat with them more about Squarespace. If you've been following along with TPA, you'll know that I only design websites using the Squarespace platform (including my own!), and I love how user-friendly, reliable, and versatile that it is. I knew this was going to be a perfect fit for them! 

Design-wise, Matt and Julie expressed that they were looking for something fresh and clean, and also a brand that would accurately portray their balance of masculinity and femininity, since they're a husband and wife team. One of my favorite things to ask is, "If you could only shop at one clothing store, where would it be?" Julie's answer was a resounding, "Madewell! We love Madewell." (Love. It.) After determining that they also love vintage furniture and shades of blue, I got to work. 

I created two mood boards for Matt and Julie to review. These would set the tone of our design moving forward and help us get on the same page from the beginning. 

The first option was much more bold, incorporating hints of mid-century mod and a pop of bright yellow for some fun (and a nod to their previous blue and yellow branding). The second option was much more subdued, evoking the atmosphere of a simple, easygoing coffee house with a calming color palette.

Matt and Julie were immediately drawn to option two – they were thrilled that it was so easy to pick an option they both loved! With this vintage, romantic, and soft direction that is still keeping a balance of masculine and feminine, we moved forward to work on the logo.

With Matt and Julie's logo, I wanted to convey their warmth and friendliness while still keeping things really clean. They ultimately decided to go with option three, with it's elegant (but not stuffy) script typeface and straightforward design. I was so excited to get to use that ampersand in their branding! Speaking of which...'s our finalized Brand Elements sheet! This is where we take the mood board and the logo and really make things come to life. You can see the color palette and some of the inspiration images from the mood board, plus flushing out typefaces and secondary logos. These secondary logos (or sublogos) can be used in a variety of ways across anything Matt and Julie might need for their brand, and help add cohesive life and character. The ampersands especially come in handy – being better suited to a square area, they work great for small profile pictures (think gmail or Instagram), and can also be employed as their website's favicon (the little image that shows up in your browser tab). They'd also make adorable stamps and stickers! 

Next, we use the Brand Elements sheet as a set of "guidelines" to design the website. Matt and Julie were looking for something that felt much more updated than their old site, but was also easy to navigate and clean. We wanted to make it very clear where we wanted visitors to go on the site (see their work, see their collections, and contact them!). After a few weeks of setting things up and fine-tuning the details, the site was ready to roll. The screenshots don't do it justice, so check out the whole site here!

I'm really excited with how everything turned out, and mostly about how excited Matt and Julie are with their new brand and website. I really can't describe how awesome it is to help clients to feel known and to express that in their business's branding. Plus, the friendships that inevitably form from such intimate work are a big bonus ;) Make sure to go check out Matt & Julie Weddings – I know you'll love them, too. 

We could not be happier that we chose That's Pretty Ace to design our new brand! When we started our company together three years ago, we spent countless hours designing our own website. Fast forward to now, we knew that our current brand was not a reflection of who we are, and we knew our website was not displaying our work in a way that was compelling or beautiful! We knew we needed an overhaul and we were so excited to start the journey with Brittany! Brittany was so great to work with; we feel like she was able to know us and have a true understanding of who we are. We loved the inspiration board off the bat and knew the rest of the design elements were going to be perfect and they were! We also loved the design process timeline – having a week to respond with our feedback and knowing we would see designs within a week after that was awesome. She understood what we wanted to accomplish with our brand and was able to create a new website and brand experience that is so perfect for us! – Julie of Matt & Julie Weddings